Funding Exchange to Cease Operations

In the face of structural challenges and declining revenues, and after careful and extensive deliberation, the Board of Directors has voted unanimously to cease all programmatic operations at the national office, effective immediately.

Funding Exchange FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

This list of Frequently Asked Questions provides brief answers to many common questions we have received over the past few weeks after announcing that FEX would cease programmatic operations.

Source: IB Times
Funding Exchange FAQs
Local Action, National Connections

Local Action, National Connections

Our 16 member funds help build small grassroots organizations into larger, national social movements. Over the past 34 years, we have provided more than $66M in grants to over 10,000 organizations around the country.

Local Action, National Connections
Sale of 666 Broadway

Sale of 666 Broadway

In 1981 The Funding Exchange purchased its office at 666 Broadway in New York. In addition to serving as a wonderful home base for FEX it has been a home for as many as nine social justice organizations as tenants.When…

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Sale of 666 Broadway

A Comparison of Donor Advised Funds and Public Foundations

Source: IB Times

Both businesses and individuals have a wide variety of financial vehicles from which to choose for their charitable giving and donations. Two of the most common such vehicles are donor advised funds and public foundations.

Public Foundations

Public foundations exist…

Fort Hood Support Network


The Fort Hood Support Network (FHSN) operates an outreach center called Under the Hood in Killeen, Texas near Fort Hood. The soldiers at Fort Hood (Texas), the nation’s largest military base, have been deployed repeatedly and their struggles with addiction, violence and suicide are ignored and understated by most institutions and the media. Under the Hood creates opportunities for fellowship and dialog through a coffeehouse…

Crossroads Fund


Crossroads Fund supports community organizations working on issues of social and economic justice in the Chicago area. A public foundation, Crossroads Fund pools the resources of individuals, foundations and businesses, building a broad base of support for grassroots organizations for social change.

April 3, 2013 Update from FEX Board Chair Casey Cook


In December we wrote to inform you that the Funding Exchange Board of Directors had made the decision to cease all operations at the FEX national office. After further in-depth review of our financial status and consultation with our corporate…


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