Why Donate to Funding Exchange

When you give to the Funding Exchange, you’re making a statement that you believe in big change:

  • That philanthropy can’t just be controlled by the 1%, but by all of us who are affected by where philanthropic dollars go.
  • That someone has to be willing to push a leading edge of what progressive philanthropy looks like.
  • That we can’t do this alone, and that we need each other, across our many differences, including geography, issue area, race, class, even ideology, in order to create true social change.

When you make a donation to the Funding Exchange, you’re impacting social change at many levels:

  • Strengthening a network of local funds across the country where activists and community leaders make funding decisions. Funding Exchange supports this crucial infrastructure for by bringing together the leaders of the funds to allow them to build relationships, share ideas and support each others’ work. Many of the funds have grantees that collaborate on the regional or national level.
  • Awarding grants to social justice organizations that support racial and economic justice work in places across the country that don’t yet have a local social justice fund to support their work, especially since this work is less likely to be supported by other foundations.
  • Urging and guiding our colleagues within the field of philanthropy and beyond to make changes in the way they do grantmaking and giving that results in philanthropy being more responsive and accessible to non-wealthy people.
  • Organizing donors across lines of race and class and supporting donor activism.

Your gift connects you with a community of donors, leaders  and other stakeholders committed to changing their communities and changing philanthropy itself. Whether you set up your own donor-advised fund or make a one-time gift of any amount that is meaningful to you, you’re part of the Funding Exchange community.