Become a Donor Activist

Beck Rafter

Becky Rafter, director of stakeholder engagement

There aren’t a lot of people out there who have wealth and are committed using some of it to fund social justice. For some people, giving to charity is enough. Do you want to connect with people who want to support grassroots organizing for social justice? People who are more interested in change than charity?

That’s what we want here at Funding Exchange:

  • We support a network of people with different levels of wealth to share ideas and strategies for advancing social justice organizing. Some of our donors can give $20, others $20,000; some also share ideas, connections, energy and talent. Regardless of what donors offer to the work, everyone is part of the Funding Exchange community of stakeholders.
  • We educate donors about latest trends in the field of progressive philanthropy through political education calls, events with partner organizations, and our conference.
  • We work with other organizations that network and support people with financial resources, including investment advisers, people from different generations with wealth, and organizers within the community of people with wealth.

If you’re looking for a community of people who are interested in not just charity but also change, you’ll find that community here at Funding Exchange. You can become an active part of this community by contacting Becky Rafter to open a donor advised fund, join a collective giving circle, talk more about opportunities available to you, or to make a contribution.

We’ve worked in social change philanthropy for nearly 35 years. We have pioneered strategies for Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), donor-advised grantmaking, donor-activist partnerships, collective giving and redefining philanthropy. We have been creating and sustaining philanthropy “for the 99%” since the 1970’s. We have worked for change not charity for decades, and will continue that work into the future.

Please join with us – your unique gifts will make a difference in this work. Get in touch with Becky Rafter today.