Donor Advised Funds

Impact. Convenience.  Meaning.

Donor Advised Funds are grantmaking accounts set up at the Funding Exchange by individuals or businesses. Fund holders benefit from our unique knowledge of social justice leaders and movements to direct and administer their charitable gifts.

You need a donor advised fund if:

• You have received a large inheritance or other financial windfall, and need a year-end tax deduction, but want to give over time
• You have considered creating a family foundation
• You like to choose the grants to make

Our donor advised funds offer:

•Flexibility for your charitable contributions
•Tax deduction advantages
•Professional and personalized grantmaking expertise
• Efficient administrative support
•Connection to social justice movement
•With a minimum contribution of $10,000 your fund is created!

How to set-up a DAF:

• Make a contribution of cash, securities, property or other assets.
• Complete a DAF agreement form.
• Choose either a Standard or Investment option.
• Receive tax deduction in current year
• Start grantmaking at your convenience

The advantages of a donor advised fund:

• Avoid capital gains taxes on highly appreciated assets. Therefore you can give more to organizations you care about
• FEX staff handles all administrative details and tax reporting.
• You receive quarterly reports that reflect the activity in your account.
• anonymity is always an option when you give.
• Community involvement: donor advisors are encouraged to attend FEX sponsored education events, including public affairs and political briefings and donor education seminars.