Rwanda: Beyond the Deadly Pit, a film by Gilbert Ndahayo

Rwanda - Beyond the Deadly PitIn 1994, Gilbert Ndahayo hid to survive Rwanda’s days of genocide only to return to his childhood home to find it destroyed, his parents killed, and their corpses dumped, along with 153 bodies of his neighbors, in a pit in his back garden where he played as a boy.

13 years later, Ndahayo focuses his camera and his compassion on his home in ruin, behind a convent where his neighbors had sought sanctuary. He records the quiet beauty of survivors, the haunting accounts of the nuns who witnessed the horrors, and a rare confession by one of the men who murdered his parents.

Shot in the style of cinema vérité, Rwanda: Beyond The Deadly Pit was filmed over the course of three years and devastatingly contemplates the young filmmaker’s drama and his native country’s quest for forgiving and unforgiving the mass murderers.