Chinese Staff and Workers Association

When a fellow employee was fired at the Saigon Grill because he was too old,  Jerry Wang took a stand. That got him fired, too.  Since then, Wang has come together with other Chinese Staff and Workers Association (CSWA) members and concerned citizens to expose their treatment by the restaurant’s management.

This is the latest skirmish in a long battle with the Manhattan  restaurant that has sparked sidewalk protests and a campaign to make the Upper West Side “sweatshop free.”  Workers and supporters have been picketing five days a week and plan to remain until conditions improve for workers.  They say management fires,  workers who pool their delivery tips, join the union or are over the age of 40.

The CSWA has helped Saigon Grill workers win their back pay and has made the community around the restaurant fully cognizant of the injustices occurring in their neighborhood.