North Star Fund Providing Grants Aimed at Healing in the LGBTQQ Community in NJ, NY, CT and PA

The Queer Consciousness Fund is a donor-led grant making program which is administered as a donor advised fund of North Star Fund. The Queer Consciousness Fund provides $25,000 grants to groups experimenting with psychological, spiritual and physical healing focused on the LGBTQQ community in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Donors, community representatives and a North Star Fund staff member make funding decisions collaboratively.

The fund seeks to support community-based solutions that are practical, grassroots approaches to building a healthier LGBTQQ community; asking groups to go deeper and push further by attacking the systemic root causes of homophobia.

The Queer Consciousness Fund is now accepting Letters of Inquiry, due Monday, August 15 at 5pm.

For more information and how to apply, visit North Star’s website at:


North Star Fund is one of sixteen public foundations committed to Change, Not Charity, which make up the Funding Exchange Network. 

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