Housing Justice Giving Circle

Please join us for the first Housing Justice Giving Circle Political Education call!
Monday, October 1st 2012
5:00 – 6:00p ET
RSVP by emailing Becky Rafter at brafter@fex.org or calling 212.529.5300 x315

Housing Justice Rally in Cincinnati, OH

The energy for a giving circle centered around Housing Justice came out of political education work that FEX conducted early in 2012. After hosting a conference call during which donors “eavesdropped” on a dialogue between leaders of different fronts in the struggle for housing justice, several stakeholders stepped up to address the need for funding housing justice. These donors and activists are interested in working across lines of class and race, with you and others like you who want to get to the root causes of the housing crisis.

As we reported in The Exchange earlier this summer, taking a deeper look into the number of different strategies to the foreclosure crisis, some efforts have more “funding appeal” than others. Despite some collaborative efforts, progressive funding remains concentrated in traditional relief work, not in policy or cultural change.

Housing Justice Rally in Portland, OR

Therefore, the giving community focusing on Housing Justice could look at work focused on the root cause of the housing crisis and in nontraditional, community-based solutions for understanding and addressing the problem. Funding Exchange staff looks forward to helping this giving circle flourish!