Young Activists with Wealth discussions

In discussions of economic justice people often talk about an “us” vs “them” with the rich in the role of “them” and everyone else in the role of “us.” It’s no wonder that so many young activists who have access to wealth are so secretive about the resources we have access to.

Do you want to talk with other young activists about not hiding your privilege and how to use it for social change?

If so, we invite you to join us. We already had one dinner in January, but we’re planning another one soon!

Who are we? We are a group of young donors and activists with varying levels of wealth who would like to meet other young people in similar positions to have conversations about the conflicts of having wealth and being deeply committed to working for racial and economic justice. A few of us came to Bread & Roses Community Fund (a FEX Member Fund) and they offered to help us get this discussion group off the ground in partnership with Resource Generation.

Who do we define as wealthy? Generally, anyone is welcome who feels like they have or will have access to more financial resources than they need.

We use the definition suggested by Resource Generation: The amount of wealth people have access to – or expect to have access to in the future – varies greatly from thousands to millions or more. This wealth comes from many sources including inheritances and earnings. Some people who are involved have access to philanthropic resources (for example, as board members of family foundations) but do not have access to personal wealth. Another way to define wealthy is those US residents who have or come from families that have over $158,600 in annual household incomeputting them in the wealthiest 5% of people in the country.

Who do we define as young? This group is generally open to people ages 18-38.

What will this group do? We’re not sure yet! This dinner is an initial gathering to break some of the isolation we feel and share stories and thoughts with one another. We’re hoping that from the discussion we’ll be able to get a sense of peoples needs and desires and go from there. Possibilities include a study group on the book Classified: How to Stop Hiding Your Privilege and Use it for Social Change, workshops on socially responsible investing, dealing with inheritance and other topics.

So how do I get to this dinner? To join us click here and fill out this form. Your contact information will be sent to one of the dinner organizers and they will email you soon with details of the when and where of the gathering. (Philadelphia, PA region)