Richard Nathan Trust Report Released

The Funding Exchange is thrilled to announce the release of the a final report from the Richard Nathan Anti-Homophobia Trusts which honored the memory of the late Richard Nathan by making grants of $1.2 million to support organizations dedicated to challenging homophobia and offering hope to thousands of lesbians and gay men.

The report tells the story of Richard Nathan, a passionate activist who developed an estate plan to ensure that after his death his progressive philanthropic vision would not falter, but forge a better future by funding nonprofit and political groups that embody his sentiments. Beyond grantmaking, the trustees and the Funding Exchange developed a new model of philanthropy–transparent, flexible, grantee-centric, and generous.

Richard Nathan created two separate trusts and appointed two trustees, Frederick Hertz and David Rothenberg, to oversee them. Their work via the Trusts and their grantmaking followed Richard’s one guiding principle: “We have to think about the kid in Oklahoma.”

The Funding Exchange provided a wealth of professional grantmaking guidance and customized staff support to begin the thoughtful journey. From small-town USA to major metropolitan cities, groups such as Kentucky Fairness Alliance (KFA) received major grants. KFA successfully galvanized people of faith in small towns to oppose legislative attempts to deny funding to gay communities. The project relied on grassroots organizing and community education to help combat homophobia in the local churches and church-based social organizations.

The Funding Exchange combined the best of donor-advised and activist-advised grantmaking models to address overlooked issues and to make a lasting impact. The grantmaking of the Richard Nathan Trusts reflects the importance of including activists who offer a range of diversity and front-line experience.