Funding Exchange Elects New Directors

Funding Exchange will be welcoming new directors to its board table when it meets in September.  Joining as at-large board members are Melissa Johnson (Neighborhood Funders Group) and Eyal Yerushalmi (American Friends of the Parent’s Circle.)  Member foundation representatives joining the board are Kathy Ronco (Wisconsin Community Fund), Cindy Chang (Chinook Fund), Nancy Aleck (Hawai’i People’s Fund) and Craig Stevens (Three Rivers Community Foundation.)

FEX thanks our outgoing board members, Gail Heylmun (at large), Karen Campbell (Wisconsin Community Fund), Katie Thiede (Chinook Fund) and Nick Palazzetti (Three Rivers Community Foundation) for their good service to the organization.

Additionally, FEX sends best wishes to Jim Sauder, our Secretary/Treasurer, who resigned as Director of Operations at the Headwaters Foundation for Justice last week.  In leaving that staff position, Jim will also be leaving our board.  Headwaters’ ED, Trista Harris, will step into that seat until a new representative is elected.

Read biographies of our new directors here .