FEX Supports Occupy Philanthropy

Funding Exchange has signed on as an Allied Philanthropic Organization of Occupy Philanthropy.    Additionally, Barbara Heisler, as Executive Director of Funding Exchange, signed on to the public statement available at http://occupyphilanthropy.org/letter.  Occupy Philanthropy’s  goal is to provide a space for donors and funders to share and develop strategies for supporting Occupy and related organizing efforts, and to move philanthropy towards being more responsive to calls for social and economic justice articulated by the Occupy moment.

Through our Rapid Response Fund and through gifts from our Donor Advised grant program, Funding Exchange has granted over $10,000 to  support the Occupy Movement including the  NYC General Assembly.  Why?  Quoting the letter we’ve signed on to:

“Around the country Occupy efforts have been a gift to those who have dedicated their lives and their work to social justice. It has brought together long-time community organizers with a new generation of activists, inspiring new hope and possibilities. It has raised public awareness and concern about our inequitable economic system to an extent not seen in the United States since Dr. King’s Poor People’s March or Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty. This moment and the issues and struggles Occupy has helped to elevate need our support.”

The Occupy Movement didn’t go away, as many in the mainstream press and politics have asserted.  Indeed, planning and collaboration activities were held throughout the winter.  The Occupy Movement is just the type of from-the-bottom-up approach that Funding Exchange has long supported, and we have a role to play in turning this into a long-lasting, continuing-impact movement.  We invite you to join us!

There are many ways to support Occupy and the efforts emerging from and connected to it.  We welcome your questions, comments, contributions and ideas.  For more information on this effort, or to sign the letter, visit occupyphilanthropy.org

Read the announcement of FEX’s participation