FEX Network Connects to “OccupyAmerica”

The Occupy Movement is steadily gaining momentum across the United States, and the FEX Network is showing its support!


FEX supports Occupy America

McKenzie River Gathering joined 5-6,000 fellow Portlanders on October 6th, in what is reported as the single largest Occupy protest so far. MRG Staff will be posting videos and blog updates from the event as it continues. Click here to see what they’re up to!

Three Rivers Community Fund is participating by attending local meetings in Pittsburgh, which are drawing upwards of 400 people, and hope to have members of the local Occupy Movement convene at their event, Convergence for Social Justice next Saturday, October 15.

Haymarket People’s Fund grantee Boston Workers Alliance is part of the coalition at Right to the City, and upcoming events can be found at OccupyBoston’s official website.

Fund for Southern Communities shares that many of their local partners were part of the General Assemblies held Friday, October 7th in Chattanooga, and Saturday, October 8th in Dalton. Protests are already being scheduled in KnoxvilleNashville and Atlanta.

We expect to hear of other cities engaging in peaceful protest as the movement progresses. In 3 days, the number of cities with participants jumped from 259 to 887.

Funding Exchange activated its Rapid Response Fund in support of Occupy Wall Street, which is providing an easy vehicle for donors to provide financial support to the movement.  Funds will be transferred quickly to the national fiscal agent designated by the General Assembly.  Learn more