Donors of Color Giving Circle

In partnership with and learning from Community Investment Network and Braintrust NYC, FEX is launching a giving community by and for people of color, with intentional focus on intersections across sector and age – and class! This new grantmaking, learning, and sharing initiative is being formed in support of organizations with explicit racial justice goals, along with other pressing needs identified by the collective.

Think you might be interested? This community will likely attract people who like to talk and dream with others. In trying to build relationships beyond the nonprofit industrial complex, this community will welcome folk from multiple sectors – including nonprofit, corporate, off-grid groups, government, homemakers, artists, philanthropists,  and many more. From what our mentors in this work tell us, such breadth will allow for rich learning, sharing, strategizing, and networking.

Funding Exchange is looking forward to providing good support to collective cross-class giving by donors of color to advance social, racial, and economic justice. The power to move energy and resources forward by meaningful engagement seems limitless!