Citizens United Giving Circle

Please join us for the first Citizens United Giving Circle Political Education call!
Thursday, September 27th 2012
4:30 – 5:30p ET
RSVP by emailing Becky Rafter at or calling 212.529.5300 x315

The giving community focusing on the Citizens United Supreme Court decision (Citizens United) is forming as a direct result of conversations with stakeholders who are interested in doing something about the onslaught of money in politics. After a recent political education call hosted by Funding Exchange, Citizen’s United: What’s Possible for Donors and Activists (click to listen to the excerpts from the call), participants requested more information on the issue and specific steps they can take to move his ideas forward, collectively.

The Citizens United giving circle could support learning, sharing, planning, collaboration, organizing, training, and grantmaking as determined by its members. It could serve as a landmark place for people to think and give collectively in moving forward crucial ideas to address Citizens United. In a recent article published on the FEX website, “What you need to know about Citizens United and Democracy”, we explore the need for cross-class and cross-race dialogue in order to best address Citizen United. If, rather as, 501(c)(3) organizations become more politicized, it is crucial that we systematically include more voices, ideas, and resources in order to craft effective, attainable, and informed solutions.

Funding Exchange has always played a crucial role advancing collective learning and collective giving. Today we see a need to bring together organizations, donors, and leadership across age-old divides of ideology, sector, class, race, and issue in an effort to challenge Citizens United. This can happen by supporting current efforts and creating radical new ways to change the very culture and systems that have rooted Citizens United in the first place: that profit trumps people.