Streaming for Change: Funding Exchange’s (non-frivolous) Film Festival

Funding Exchange cordially invites you to join us for our first virtual fundraiser: Streaming for Change: FEX’s (non-frivolous) Film Fest

October 4-7, 2012

Watching award-winning documentaries has never been this easy!

Make a donation to Funding Exchange and watch as many of these films as you want, as many times as you’d like during the festival! The films are:

A Weigh With Words

Straight No Chaser Productions, 60 minutes

Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story*

Stefan Forbes and Noland Walker, 86 minutes

The Invisible War*

Kirby Dick, 93 minutes

On Coal River*

Francine Cavanaugh and Adams Wood, 81 minutes

Under Arpaio**

Pan Left Productions, 72 minutes

United in Anger: A History of ACT UP

Jim Hubbard and Sarah Shulman, 93 minutes 

* This film produced with the support of the Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media.

** This production team has been supported by the Paul Robeson Fund for a different film project

If you don’t have access to the Internet at home, then go to a friend’s house and have a viewing party! Or you can give us a call at the Funding Exchange office and we’ll help you get access to the films.

A film festival you can participate in from your own couch in just a few steps:

  1. Make a donation to Funding Exchange at a level that is meaningful to you. Thanks!
  2. The day before the festival begins, you’ll receive your password email to access the film.
  3. Stream documentaries to your heart’s content for up to five days.

Films will be available from Thursday, October 4th to Sunday October 7th. Visit Streaming for Change to see how to have your own home-grown film festival!

If you need to view the films with captions, please contact Becky at