2012 Funding Exchange Grants Announcement

Funding Exchange is pleased to announce our most recent activist-advised grants, totaling $108,500 and supporting progressive organizing in communities across the country.

Many of you are long-term supporters of FEX’s Saguaro FundOUT Fund and Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media. Our strategic new grantmaking approach unites these funds into one process and carries on the tradition of each of these funds (along with our latest activist-advised fund, The Social Justice Fund). Today’s grantees must meet the original criteria of the Saguaro, OUT and Robeson funds; and at the same time they are working outside the geography of current FEX member foundations (Bold Frontiers), or partnering across issue or geography (Social Justice Collaboration).

To maximize our impact, our 2012 grantmaking program is supporting social justice work in more places and funding work that connects different movements for justice.

We’ve listed the full slate below, starting with three featured grantees. To see more detailed descriptions of all the grantees, visit our Who We Support page.

Pan Left Productions
Tucson, Arizona
$5,000, Project Support
Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media,
Bold Frontiers Grantee

Pan Left, a mostly-volunteer group of artists and activists, has created dozens of short films with nearly one quarter-million views on YouTube. The Students In Media Action Stories (SIMAS) project is a collaboration between Pan Left Productions and student youth groups from the recently-banned Tucson Mexican-American Studies classes.

This grant will fund training, resources and support for Latino youth in media production and distribution, so that they can create their own narratives about life for Latinos in Arizona.


Urban EpiCenter
Nashville, Tennessee
$4,000, General Support
Saguaro Fund – Bold Frontiers Grantee


The Urban EpiCenter is an African-American-led grassroots organization that organizes and develops cross-cultural leadership throughout economically disadvantaged communities in middle Tennessee. Founded in 2007, Urban EpiCenter focuses on people not affiliated with the three traditional centers of power within the African-American community – Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), the Black church or historic civil rights institutions.

With this grant, Urban EpiCenter will bring together people to organize for living wage jobs, health care, public education, and against racial profiling. They are currently organizing parents and community members to reform punitive school discipline policies that push young men of color (particularly those with disabilities and social-emotional difficulties) out of public schools and into the juvenile prison system.

Gender Justice L.A.
Los Angeles, California
$18,000, General Support
OUT Fund – Social Justice Collaboration Grantee

This is a Social Justice Collaboration grant bringing together Gender Justice L.A., the Labor Community Strategy CenterLeadership Development in Interethnic Relations, and the Youth Justice Coalition.

This grant will fund collaborative work for deeper collective understanding of the connections between LGBTQ issues and racial and economic justice. Through their work together, the collaboration partners will share resources (both human and economic), ideas, and practices while building leadership of low-income people of color. Through leadership development and direct action community organizing, they will mobilize across sectors to reduce harassment/targeting of people of color and transgender communities by police.

Bold Frontiers grants support grassroots organizing in parts of the United States where there is no local Funding Exchange network fund to support this kind of progressive work. There are nine Bold Frontiers grants totaling $37,000.

Arizona Interfaith Alliance for Worker Justice
$4,000 – Funded by Saguaro Fund and Social Justice Fund

Pan Left Productions
$5,000 – Funded by Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media

Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless
$4,000 – Funded by Saguaro Fund

Urban EpiCenter
$4,000 – Funded by Saguaro Fund

Worker’s Dignity Project
$4,000 – Funded by Saguaro Fund and Social Justice Fund

Fort Hood Support Network
$4,000 – Funded by Social Justice Fund

Universidad sin Fronteras
$4,000 – Funded by Saguaro Fund and Social Justice Fund 

Seattle Young People’s Project
$4,000 – Funded by Saguaro/OUT Fund and Social Justice Fund 

Action Resources International
$4,000 – Funded by Saguaro Fund and Social Justice Fund

Social Justice Collaboration grants bring together different organizations to work across sectors and geography to create long-lasting collaborations, as opposed to short-term campaign driven partnerships. Through their work together, organizations will create more impact than they ever could have achieved alone. There are four collaboration grants totaling $71,500.

Barbara Jordan/Bayard Rustin Coalition, CA
$18,000 – Funded by OUT Fund

Gender Justice L.A., CA
$18,000 – Funded by OUT Fund

People’s Production House, NY
$18,000 – Funded by Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media

Human Rights Defense Center, VT
$17,500 – Funded by Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media

There are more detailed descriptions of all of the 2012 grants available via our Who We Support page.