McKenzie River Gathering Foundation

McKenzie River Gathering Foundation (MRG) pools money from Oregon’s progressive community and distributes it back to grassroots groups working on a wide range of social change issues.

MRG funding supports the most strategic work unfolding at the local level to address globalization, poverty, war, racism and environmental destruction. It currently provides well over half a million dollars in funding to progressive organizations a year.

New Ideas. Fresh Thinking.

Like other foundations in the Funding Exchange network, MRG Foundation’s grassroots grant making is unique. it recruits our board and grant making committee members from the communities it serves throughout Oregon. With the direct knowledge these grant makers bring, it is able to respond to new ideas and fresh thinking. MRG Foundation makes grants that other foundations may view as “risky” but are often funding years later.

Using our grassroots grant making process, we have been an early funder on key issues including HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, immigration, and globalization.

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