Liberty Hill Foundation

Investing in Los Angeles community leaders at the frontline of change

Liberty Hill advances movements for social change through a unique combination of grants, leadership training and alliance building. It invests in change makers and equips them with the skills and relationships they need to build power and advance social justice. After more than 30 years, Liberty Hill is uniquely positioned to bring together forces for change and forge a common agenda for equality and opportunity in Los Angeles.

Liberty Hill: Change. Not Charity.

First at the frontlines for more than 30 years.
In the early ’90s, Liberty Hill was first to fund the living wage movement. Then, it was first to fund L.A.’s new environmental justice movement.

First at the frontlines today.
In response to the passage of Prop 8, Liberty Hill is intensifying its efforts to advance equality. We’ve invested in research to inform future campaign strategies, made grant investments in effective lesbian and gay organizations, and are building alliances between communities to forge a common strategy to win same-sex marriage and advance full equality for all.

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