Member Foundations

The Funding Exchange is a network of 16-member foundations that make grants to local grassroots organizations work for social justice.  Our members are best situated to understand what local communities need, which groups are the most effective at creating social change, and how they can help build small grassroots organizations into a larger national social movement. Our network is the backbone of the Funding Exchange vision to work locally, connect nationally.

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Appalachian Community Fund


Appalachian Community Fund  is a community- supported, non-profit grantmaking organization that provides resources and support to grassroots organizations working to overcome the underlying causes of poverty and injustice in Central Appalachia (East Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky, Southwest Virginia and West Virginia). We pool resources from a range of sources including individuals, businesses, and foundations to support […]

Bread & Roses Community Fund

bread and roses 9621_s

Bread & Roses is a unique gathering of activists committed to supporting social justice by raising and distributing funds in and around Philadelphia. A public foundation, Bread & Roses has distributed over $9 million to groups working for access to health care, economic justice, a clean and safe environment, civil and human rights, peace, and other social justice issues.

Chinook Fund


The Chinook Fund is a movement-building organization recognized throughout Colorado for its pioneering support of organizations that work to create a just, equitable and free society. Chinook supports organizations which are challenging the root causes of oppression, rather than treating the symptoms. We believe the root causes of our most serious social problems include entrenched, systemic, and institutionalized racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, ableism and ageism.

Crossroads Fund


Crossroads Fund supports community organizations working on issues of social and economic justice in the Chicago area. A public foundation, Crossroads Fund pools the resources of individuals, foundations and businesses, building a broad base of support for grassroots organizations for social change.

Foundation for Change

San diego immigrant

The mission of the Foundation for Change is to create a passionate community of support for progressive leaders and organizations in the San Diego/Tijuana region.

Fund for Idaho

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Fund for Idaho is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit grant-making foundation created by activists to help to build a civil, just and sustainable Idaho. Idaho is blessed with natural beauty, an independent western culture, and abundant resources, yet we are part of a changing world. Like any other place on earth, we experience poverty, violence, injustice and environmental degradation.

Fund for Santa Barbara


Fund for Santa Barbara is a nonprofit community foundation dedicated to addressing the root causes of social, economic, environmental and political challenges in Santa Barbara County.

Fund for Southern Communities

fund for southern communities

The Fund for Southern Communities is a public foundation that supports and unites organizations and donors working to create just and sustainable communities that are free of oppression and that embrace and celebrate all people. The Fund for Southern Communities fosters social change initiated by community-based groups in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Hawai’i People’s Fund


Hawai‘i People’s Fund is a publicly supported community fund established in 1972 to provide grants to progressive grassroots social change organizations working in Hawai‘i. We are a unique partnership of donors, activist grantmakers and grantees committed to positive social change and a more equitable distribution of wealth, resources and power. Hawai‘i People’s Fund assists groups considered too small, too new, or too controversial by traditional funding agencies.

Haymarket People’s Fund


Haymarket People’s Fund gives money to grassroots groups of local organizations across the region who believe that change is possible. It’s been behind the scenes, providing money to almost every major social justice movement in New England since 1974. Each year, its volunteer grantmaking panel made up of community organizers from across the region awards grants to local organizations in New England’s neighborhoods and communities. Over the course of thirty-five years, Haymarket has granted over 25 million dollars.

One hundred percent of those funds have gone to changing the status quo.

Headwaters Foundation for Justice


Congratulations to Headwaters Foundation for Justice for a beautiful new website design. The Minnesota foundation has also just launched its Social Justice Leadership Institute, a nine-month discovery process during which participants will work with each other to both understand and combat social injustice.

Liberty Hill Foundation


Investing in Los Angeles community leaders at the frontline of change

Liberty Hill advances movements for social change through a unique combination of grants, leadership training and alliance building. It invests in change makers and equips them with the skills and relationships they need to build power and advance social justice. After more than 30 years, Liberty Hill is uniquely positioned to bring together forces for change and forge a common agenda for equality and opportunity in Los Angeles.

McKenzie River Gathering Foundation

MRF_ Cancun-Climate-Talks

McKenzie River Gathering Foundation pools money from Oregon’s progressive community and distributes it back to grassroots groups working on a wide range of social change issues.

MRG funding supports the most strategic work unfolding at the local level to address globalization, poverty, war, racism and environmental destruction. It currently provides well over half a million dollars in funding to progressive organizations a year.

North Star Fund

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North Star Fund is New York’s community foundation supporting grassroots groups leading the movement for equality, economic justice and peace.

By organizing donors, raising money for grants, and providing technical assistance, it supports efforts ranging from better schools, housing and health care, to protecting civil liberties, creating living wage jobs, and advocating for peace, freedom and human rights.

The Wisconsin Community Fund of Forward Community Investments


Wisconsin Community Fund, founded in 1982, raises money for progressive groups that are too new, too small or too controversial for mainstream funders. Wisconsin Community Fund has provided over $1,600,000 in grants, software and equipment to nearly 900 community-based groups around the state.

Three Rivers Community Foundation

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Three Rivers Community Foundation, founded in 1989, works to bring about social, racial and economic justice Southwestern Pennsylvania citizens. The foundation solicits, identifies and evaluates projects that define and resolve community problems at a grassroots level and makes grants to organizations working on the ground for change. TRCF raises funds from individual donors and foundations.