Innovative Movement Building Grants

Supporting the Growth and Linkage of Local Efforts to National Movements

A grassroots organization’s local work helps inform its policy advocacy, making legislation more relevant. Advocacy at the national level can help a local nonprofit replicate its model, gain credibility, and acquire support and funding for expansion and additional impact.

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Organizations in this grantmaking area will only be accepted through nomination by our member foundations. The organizations could be current or former grantees, which are doing work that the local foundation recognizes could have significant impact on the national agenda, given additional support. These grants will help us to tell the story of work being done throughout the Funding Exchange Network and how we can build on local work to grow a national movement.

This is a new program for the FEX Network. Once specifications for this program are confirmed, FEX and its member foundations will announce application procedures.  Please do not contact FEX or its member foundations about this grant at this time.  We will keep this site updated as the application procedure is finalized for this set of grants.  Thanks for your assistance!