Are We Eligible for a Grant?

We are not currently accepting Letters of Inquiry and have no current grants deadlines. This page is for informational purposes only.

1. Is the potential applicant an organization (FEX does not fund scholarships or projects by individuals)?

2. Is the potential applicant an organization located in the U.S., its territories and jurisdictions?

3. Building Community Power: Is your group led by and/or accountable to the people who are most directly affected by issues of social, racial, economic and environmental justice?

4. Getting at the Root of the problem: Does your organization identify and address the root causes of your social, racial, economic, or environmental justice issues? Yes or No

5. Changing the System: Does your organization mobilize your community to work together to change the political, social and economic policies, systems and institutions that perpetuate in justice?

6. Lack Mainstream Support: Does your organization have a hard time accessing mainstream funders because you are too radical, cutting edge or controversial?

If you answered NO to questions 1-6, you are not eligible.

If you answered YES to ALL of the above questions, you may be eligible for funding through our national grantmaking programs and should continue the process.