Worker’s Dignity Project

The Workers’ Dignity Project (WDP) (Nashville, TN) is a membership organization of low-wage workers who empower each other to act collectively for economic justice. WDP believes in the dignity and respect of all people. They work to develop concrete solutions to wage theft and injustice in the workplace by building power through relationships with fellow laborers in construction, cleaning, landscaping, food service, and other industries and across the community.

WDP is addressing these problems by establishing a workers’ center to educate the community, organize and mobilize low-wage workers, and build coalitions to combat wage theft and exploitation of low-wage workers in Middle Tennessee. During the past two years, WDP has transitioned from an all-volunteer organization into one that includes two full-time organizer positions (hired from the volunteer and member base) allows them to build a concerted, long-term organizing campaign.

The Worker’s Dignity Project received a $4,000 Bold Frontiers grant in 2012 to further combat wage theft, funded by Saguaro Fund and The Social Justice Fund.