University Sin Fronteras

University sin Fronteras (USF) (San Antonio, TX) was born from the movement building work of Southwest Workers Union, a twenty-three year old grassroots membership-based social movement organizing for environmental and climate justice, low-income worker and migrant organizing, community civic engagement and youth organizing and leadership development through political and popular education.

University Sin Fronteras works to establish a social movement studies program for organizers (young and older) and community leadership in order to make critical and liberating education accessible to excluded communities and people. USF will implement a social movements studies program curriculum based on shared knowledge for the undergraduate level up through the graduate school level. Their work will develop dynamic pedagogy and research based on shared learning (theory and practice) while establishing a digitalized archive of and for progressive social movements in the US and Puerto Rico. The inaugural class of 25-50 students will commence in the Fall 2012.

University Sin Fronteras received a $4,000 Bold Frontiers grant in 2012, funded by Saguaro Fund and The Social Justice Fund.