Seattle Young People’s Project

The Seattle Young People’s Project (WA) is a youth-led, adult supported social justice organization that empowers youth (ages 13-18) to express themselves and to take action on the issues that affect their lives. Society continually blames youth for dropping out, running away, gang violence, and other issues, but does not address their roots causes nor allow youth to participate in the problem solving. SYPP supports young people to build their power as agents of positive change in their communities through grassroots organizing.

Seattle Young People’s Project coordinates youth organizing programs, youth-led Educational Justice Campaign, leadership development internships for youth, youth-led educational workshops, and inter-generational coalition building. Through these activities, and their campaign’s current emphasis on attacking the School-to-Prison Pipeline, youth in the Seattle/King County area are actively organizing to dismantle the policies and practices that push them out of the school system and into the criminal system.

The Seattle Young People’s Project received a $4,000 Bold Frontiers grant in 2012, funded by Saguaro Fund, OUT Fund, and The Social Justice Fund.