People’s Production House

People’s Production House (New York, NY) is a media arts and journalism institute that pairs artists and journalists with low-wage workers, immigrants, and young people to produce ground-breaking stories presented to a general audience through cultural venues (museums, festivals) and diverse media outlets (The Nation, The New York Times, BBC, PBS Newshour, Australian Broadcast Corporation, NPR, and more).

The group was founded on the principle that a nuanced, balanced, and diverse news media is both a human right and a public good.

People’s Production House (PPH), Domestic Workers United (DWU), and Media Literacy Project (NM) will work together as part of a Strategic Media Campaign to promote social justice in the grassroots communications sector. Their collaboration will address the digital divide that exists between those who benefit from the economic, educational and social opportunities of “being connected” and those who are on the other side of this “opportunity gap.”

PPH received a $18,000 Social Justice Collaboration grant in 2012, funded by the Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media.