Pan Left Productions

Pan Left Productions (Tucson, AZ) is a mostly volunteer membership-driven collective of progressive artists and activists who believe in the positive use of media for social and environmental justice and social change. Their mission is to amplify progressive stories and voices by providing access to equipment and resources, increasing the capability of individuals and organizations to use and make media, and promoting equity in media distribution. They have created dozens of short films with close to a quarter million views on their YouTube channel.

The Students In Media Action Support (SIMAS) project is collaboration between Pan Left Productions and student youth groups from recently outlawed Tucson ethnic studies classes.

Pan Left’s 2012 Bold Frontiers grant for $5,000 will fund training, resources and support for Latino youth in media production and distribution so that they create their own narratives about life for Latinos in Arizona. This grant is funded by the Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media.