Barbara Jordan/Bayard Rustin Coalition

Jordan/Rustin Coalition (JRC) (Los Angeles, CA) is a non-profit advocacy organization created in response to the lack of outreach to African Americans in the campaign against Proposition 22, the anti-gay marriage initiative in 2000. Local activists had the realization that there would be more of these initiatives for years to come.

The group is engaging the African-American community to work on marriage equality while building a movement of LGBT African Americans and allies who are committed to grassroots organizing.

JRC received a $18,000 Social Justice Collaboration grant in 2012, for work with partner Community Coalition, funded by the OUT Fund. The Jordan/Rustin Coalition will work side-by-side with and receive training from Community Coalition organizing staff so that JRC can learn to recruit, organize, and develop leaders effectively within the non-LGBT allied community.  In addition, JRC staff organizer would provide cross-trainings to Community Coalition, working together with staff and constituency to create more LGBT-inclusive spaces.