Fort Hood Support Network

The Fort Hood Support Network (FHSN) operates an outreach center called Under the Hood in Killeen, Texas near Fort Hood. The soldiers at Fort Hood (Texas), the nation’s largest military base, have been deployed repeatedly and their struggles with addiction, violence and suicide are ignored and understated by most institutions and the media. Under the Hood creates opportunities for fellowship and dialog through a coffeehouse, community events, leadership development, political education, and storytelling as a vehicle for healing and transformative organizing.

The Under the Hood Center provides an informal, social and recreational setting for GIs, veterans, families, and the public to come together. Under the Hood provides educational and live programming, including films, speakers, performances, music and poetry. The Center also provides a library with books and periodicals, wireless access to the Internet, and meeting space for GIs, veterans, military families and the public. Their slogan is, “Pro-Soldier, Anti-War.”

The Fort Hood Support Network received a $4,000 2012 Bold Frontiers grant to support the Under the Hood Center funded by The Social Justice Fund.