Arizona Interfaith Alliance for Worker Justice

As one of Arizona’s only worker rights centers, AIAWJ (Phoenix, AZ) is a place where Arizona’s working women and men are able to take charge of solving their own workplace issues. Many of these same individuals have emerged as the center’s strongest worker leaders, board members, volunteers, and staff.

In reaction to the anti-immigrant and anti-worker legislation being introduced within Arizona and across the nation, the Arizona Worker Rights Center has shifted its focus and priorities away from only being a service-providing organization. Though they continue to assist individual workers file claims with courts and government agencies, they’re also engaging in activities which build community, develop and educate leaders and community members, and proactively address the current socio-political climate through a campaign to prevent wage theft.

AIAWJ received a $4,000 Bold Frontiers grant in 2012, funded by Saguaro Fund and Social Justice Fund, to expand their membership, provide leadership training, and explore the development of a workers cooperative.