Give a Gift of Stock

Choosing to make a gift of stock to support Funding Exchange will help support community leaders at the front lines of change. By donating appreciated securities that you have held for over a year, you can take a tax deduction for the full market value of the appreciated stock, bonds or other kinds of securities without an obligation to pay capital gains taxes. This means you can give more to social change philanthropy!

Wire transfer instructions for stock gifts:                                 

NFS (National Financial Services)

DTC #0226

Account Name: Funding Exchange

Account # CLK-007390

Contact: Marc Sussman at 800-682-0286

Important: Gifts of stocks/bonds are commonly transferred without identifying information with regard to the donor.  Please contact us prior to making any gifts. This ensures that you receive a tax acknowledgment and that your gift can be properly designated.  To do this, email Nanda Witharanage  or call us: 212-5295300 x313.

Funding Exchange Federal Tax ID #: 13-300-2025