Working on #FEXinAZ

I’m looking forward to our gathering in Tucson AZ next week.  Not only will staff and board of Funding Exchange member foundations be coming together – we’ll be joined by allies in our work; funders, donors, and activists. FEX Network staff and volunteers have put together a great program – including the first ever FEX Film Fest!

Funding Exchange doesn’t have a member fund in Arizona – yet!  But we certainly intend for there to be a movement for a sustainable progressive social justice foundation in AZ when we leave.  Over the past 30 years, FEX member funds have made so much progress fighting injustice. Yet, places like Arizona have been largely left behind.  And with the drastic increases in xenophobia and racism that have been caused by right wing attacks on immigrants, Arizona needs progressive action more than ever.

Migration of people—driven by economic, social, political and environmental factors—is taking place around the world. Millions are currently in transit, in refugee camps, in detention centers, or living and working in places without full legal status and without access to social services or protection of civil rights.  And AZ is ground zero for how we can mismanage this significant movement of peoples.

So our gathering in AZ is very important. We need to be there to see what is happening on the ground, and to build partnerships with local activists and donors so that we can support the crucial fight going on there.

We’re working for social justice in AZ.  We invite you to join us – in person or virtually. Register today or follow @FundingXchange on Twitter – and help us make #FEXinAZ a reality!

In community,


PS – help us keep the profile of our work in AZ high by using #FEXinAZ whenever you tweet about us!

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