What “No Small Change” Really Means

By: Drew Zimmerman,
Friday, June 1st, 2012 11:00 AM

On the heels of the latest No Small Change video, I got to thinking, what does “No Small Change” really mean? Perhaps Three Rivers Community Foundation board member Linda Dickerson put it best when she said social justice “is like a quilt”, wherein we all contribute a piece to “make something beautiful”. It’s the power of the collective, the ability to vote with your wallet, whether that wallet is full or sparse. When you choose to donate to a small nonprofit, you will see the ripple effect rather quickly. Whether new programs are instated, a new staff member is hired on, or additional grants are made, you can almost feel the impact even modest gifts create. An impact which is needed now more than ever.

Progressive foundations have lost their footing in the wake of the 2008 recession, with many vital organizations being forced to close their doors, leaving the poor, sick, and victims of injustice with fewer places to turn. Unlike conservative foundations, ours are more firmly rooted in networks of donors with modest resources, rather than wealthy primary funders. There are no Koch Brothers to help support New Voices Pittsburgh, no Sheldon Addelson to give to the Mountain Watershed Association. These organizations rely on places like Three Rivers and Funding Exchange for monetary support, in addition to their local communities and individual donors, and we rely on people like you to make that happen.

We believe in the power of small donations, after all, where would we be without them? Institutions like Three Rivers Community Foundation are a testament to how important it is to give, how important it is to vote with your wallet for change.

Don’t let progressive organizing fade away, learn more by visiting No small Change today.