FEX Reaches Huffington Post Audience

“Whose Gifts Are Major, Really?”  

We were delighted when Huffington Post editors were interested in knowing more about our thoughts on how to create a more diverse, inclusive notion of philanthropy.   With the launch of our No Small Change campaign, we share our belief that smaller donations are major, too-and that the collective giving across lines of class can have a sizable impact when pooled together for change.We believe that giving by “the masses,” grassroots giving, both has the potential to raise substantial dollars, but, more importantly perhaps, engages more people in the work funded. We’re trying to advance major change-both in the work we support and in recognizing who supports it. Take a read, and tell us what you think!

Well beyond this holiday season, let’s make it our resolution to acknowledge that all donors matter, big and small; 1% plus the 99% equals 100%. Indeed, there’s no small change when we’re changing the world, together.

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