A Message of Gratitude

Dear Friend,This week, Funding Exchange staff members are thinking a lot about the conversations we are proud to be a part of:

  • Bold dialogue that is big enough to hold everyone in our community – our partners whose ancestors were decimated by colonial warfare; and our allies who celebrate the holiday as a time to reunite with family, chosen or biological, as part of their personal renewal and sanctuary;
  • Innovative conversations like what role FEX can play in building alternative economic models and progressive dialogue spaces, fighting racial injustices by looking inward and promoting healing for our communities; and
  • Collaborative strategies with our partners within and beyond the FEX member fund network—dialogue marked by who we are as individuals, what our organizational goals are and how, together, we can best contribute to larger, global movements for radical social change through collaborative grantmaking and resource development.

This is a glimpse of what’s on on our minds this week. We love knowing that these conversations will be happening around dinner tables this week, joining a larger, historic dialogue about our contributions to change. Now tell us what’s on your mind! Give us a call or reply in the comment section below to share your thoughts. This is great work that we can’t do without you.

With gratitude,

Barbara, Lucretia, Nanda, Dana, Becky, Drew, Tonia & Michelle

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