2012- 2014 Grants Panel

The Funding Exchange uses a unique and distinguished approach to philanthropy, Activist-Advised Grantmaking. This approach directly involves community activists and organizers in philanthropic decision-making. We believe it is crucial to shift the power for grantmaking to the activists who spend their lives on the front lines in their communities to effect systemic change.

The current grantmaking panel is (their organizations are listed for affiliation purposes only):

  • Cesar Lopez, Tucson, AZ, Tierra y Libertad
  • Alfonso White, Mississippi, Action Communication Education Reform
  • Paul Fletcher, Florida, Florida Public Schools
  • Nelsy Dominguez, New Mexico, Farm-to-Table
  • Peter Schattner, Oakland, CA
  • Duke Gomez-Schempp, Moorhead, MN, People’s Press Project
  • Christine Reeves, Washington DC, National Committee on Responsive Philanthropy
  • Teresa Basilio, New York, NY, Global Action Project
  • Danielle Hayes, Austin, TX
  • Rachel Hurst, Kentucky, Kentucky Office of Refugees

Grantmaking panelists have a broad range of experiences and reflect perspectives shaped by class, race, sexual orientation, and geography, which uniquely inform their decision-making. The panels also provide much-needed space for activists to develop strategic relationships and share best practices and ideas.

We welcome applicants from all over the country.  People of color, women, differently-abled persons, and members of the LGBTQI communities are encouraged to apply.  We also welcome applications from organizers working and living in rural communities or in regions of the country where there are currently no Funding Exchange member foundations, including Arizona, New Jersey, Washington DC, South Florida, Ohio, and Texas.